How to Write an Argumentative Essay – Model, Outline, and References

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Tips for writing an argumentative essay. Choose Toulmin or Rogerian model. Make outline with thesis, topic sentences and evidence. Draw information from credible sources.

What Is an Argumentative Essay – An Introduction

It is an essay that discusses both sides of argument on the subject. The sides may be discussed in an equally balanced manner, or the argument may be biased towards one side. It may be the writer’s choice to decide the side he/she wants to support or the stance may be dictated by the teacher in the topic itself e.g. ‘Online Education is Better Than Campus Education’.

H2: Steps Involved in Producing an Argumentative Essay
If you’re wondering how to write an argumentative essay, here is a step-by-step approach for you. It all starts with the selection of argumentative topic and being clear on your stance on it. Once that is achieved, next comes:

Selection of the essay’s model.
Preparation of outline.
Collection of sources of information.

H3: Argumentative Essay Models –Toulmin, and Rogerian
You can select any of these two models. The Toulmin model has an introduction containing thesis, body containing supporting data, warrants and rebuttals, and conclusion. On the contrary, writers weigh two options in the Rogerian model, mentioning the merits and demerits of each, and conducting a strong analysis to finally make recommendations. The structure of an argumentative essay follows the model you choose.

H3: The Classical Approach to Argumentative Essay’s Outline
The outline can be divided into four sections – introduction, supporting facts, possible criticism, and conclusion. First, you find a hook to attract the readers. It has to be written keeping in view the interests of the target audience. So for an essay promoting home-made meals as opposed to dining out, here’s a good hook. “Nobody does it better than KFC, really? Maybe you never tried this hard. Get yourself a nice fat chicken…” Provide background data to establish the need of shift from ready-made meals to home-made food. State the main opinion in the thesis statement.

The body of argumentative essay writing has claim statements as the starting lines of each body paragraph. They’ll serve as topic sentences. Find up to three points of supporting evidence for each sentence. Try not to make the body longer than five paragraphs.

Include counterargument to increase the credibility of your work. If you can’t figure out any criticism on the subject, conduct online search. For example, to find counterarguments for the sample topic, you can Google search, “ready-made meals are better than home-cooked food.” Search with the opposite statement of what you believe in. Regain the focus by restating your statement of thesis in the argumentative essay conclusion.

H3: Way to Select Sources of Information for an Argumentative Essay
References are critically important for an argumentative essay. Your work is just as trustworthy as the sources you draw the data from. So use plausible sources. Typically, they include work published in journals of high impact-factor and books. Generally, pdf files contain complete articles. To access them, write “filetype:pdf” at the end of the search keywords.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay