How to Write a Persuasive Essay – 4 Tips That Always Work

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4 easy tips for writing a persuasive essay. Decide your stance, learn about your audience, conduct research, and structure the essay logically. Include facts from reliable sources.

What Is a Persuasive Essay and How to Write It – 4 Tips

Using reason, a persuasive essay shows a greater validity of some ideas in comparison to others. These essays serve the purpose of motivating the readers to endorse a certain stance on an issue or behave in a defined manner. The writer must use robust logic and back up the arguments with strong evidence to convince the readers. 4 tips for writing a good persuasive essay are as follows:

Take a stand.
Be clear on who’s your audience.
Research the topic thoroughly.
Develop appropriate essay structure.

4 Absolute Essentials of an Appealing Persuasive Essay

If you don’t know how to write a persuasive essay, here are 4 must-haves for it. If you take care of them, the essay you write will have a strong persuasive appeal. They include everything from logical reasoning to articulate planning and layout of the paper.

It all begins with taking a stance. Before starting to write, make sure you have answers to these questions – What is your view on the subject? Which side you want to favor? Learn about the prejudices you might hold that could shape your viewpoint. What solution or recommendations you want to suggest?

You can’t direct the writing in the right direction without knowing your target audience. Think about the reasons why the readers may object to your stance. A point can’t be put across convincingly unless the writer is aware of both pros and cons of the argument.

Persuasive essays are meant to provide compelling support for the arguments. Your essay can’t be persuasive enough if you don’t sufficiently disprove the criticism that it might attract. You’ll have to conduct thorough library-based study to achieve your goal.

Carefully plan your persuasive essay structure. Determine the proofs in support of your viewpoint that you’ll include in the essay and the right order for it. Make sure the essay is not only logical, but also has a smooth flow to build the reader’s mind in your favor.

Here are the Steps to Structure a Persuasive Essay Right

Firstly, make the persuasive essay outline. It’s structure essentially consists of well-defined introduction, main body of work, and conclusion. In the second step, build the thesis statement in a way that it concisely captures your complete stance. Third step involves disintegrating it into as many parts of a persuasive essay as you want paragraphs, because you’ll make topic sentences accordingly.

What Kind of Sources of Information for a Persuasive Essay to Use

It’s important that you support your stance with concrete evidence. Use such facts that can’t be retaliated. They can be gathered from your personal experiences, observations, and research. Books and high-impact factor journals are good sources. Cite them properly to deter plagiarism, and use statistics that are verifiable. You can strengthen your argument by including a direct quote or two from people with expertise in the subject.

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