How to Write a Narrative Essay – All-In-One Guide

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Steps of writing a narrative essay include title selection, outlining and structuring, drafting, and proofreading. Use first person language. Include a climax and resolution.

What a Narrative Essay and How It’s Written

Narrative essays inform readers about the experiences, interactions, and events in the life of the writers. There is necessarily a vivid plot. Owing to the fact that it’s very personal, you have to write the essay in first person using ‘I’ statements.

The process to write it starts with recalling the experience and making notes of the details. The writer then structures them in a way that the plot has a climax and resolution. Finally, lesson drawn from the narration is elaborated so that the reader can make sense of the significance of writing.

Steps Involved in Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative essay writing requires reflection on your experiences. You should be able to recall the details of events to make the writing informative and expressive. If you’re not sure how to write a narrative essay, here is the whole process summed up in three broad steps:


Preparation for a college narrative essay includes learning about the paper’s general requirements, selection of topic, and brainstorming the relevant information. Include themes that are interesting for the audience. You’ll derive the topic from your experiences. Make it unique and narrow. Consult online sources for ideas but rephrase them to add individuality to your topic.

The writing process starts with determining the right narrative essay structure. For that, make three divisions of your plot – setup, climax, and conclusion. Start making the outline first. Include a hook in the introduction to motivate the readers. Write major points for the body, making sure that there’s a climax. Document them in a way that there are points leading up to the climax followed by others that lead the readers towards the resolution of situation. Complete the narration with an unpredictable twist.

You are free to include some portions of script or dialogues in the body. They help make the essay interesting and dramatic. Complete the conclusion with discussing the lessons you gained from the experience.

Proofread the essay before submitting. You may use software or applications to check for grammar, but don’t rely entirely on them. Go through the entire essay at least twice to remove grammar mistakes, misspellings, and wrong structuring of sentences.

Where to Find Evidence for a Narrative Essay?

A wonderful thing about narrative writing is that they are creative essays of the highest order. There’s no need to do the exhausting web-based research to find evidence. You can simply let the memories be your guide. Since it’s narration, it involves pouring out of your observations. But if you must consult sources, plenty of information is available on the Internet to brainstorm before starting to write. You may also read some online samples showing how to write a good narrative essay to get an idea.

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